•      Manpower: Undertaking manpower recruiting and making recommendation  based  on  business  objectives  to  have  the  right  person  occupying  the  right  position  at  the right time.
  •      Kind of Industry:  International  plant  and  factory, Skill & semi  skill and unskilled Workers,  Mechanical  &  Electrical  Work,  Civil  Construction,  Refinery  Plant,  Plant  Erection  Work,  Garment  Factory,  Textile  Factory,  Pottery  Factory,  Steel  Plant,  Car  body-making  Factory, Housemaid and caretaker.
  •      To  meet  the  growing  personnel  requirement  under  the  high  technology  innovation and expanding internationalization. K.L has made successful manpower services to the  leading  factories  and  plants  in  Taiwan  and  Brunei,  and  has  enjoyed  good  reputations  from many clients as well as individuals.  Our company is also planning to develop the  international  recruiting  business  in  collaboration  with  the  oversea  personnel  management  consultant.  Working  with  manpower  is  an  employment  option  that  makes  sense in ntoday ’s changing work environment.
  •      All  documents  need  to  be  submitted  and  must  be  certified  by  the  authority  of  the  host  country  or  by  the  Royal  Thai  Embassy  or  Royal  Thai  Consulate  in  that  country are as following:

· Power of Attorney              · Company  Registration
· Letter of demand               · Model  of Employment Contract